Plasmabiotech Method

Plasmabiotech is a universal method, similar to all mechanisms of regeneration in the body, that works in the same way and differs only in terms of duration, which depends on the characteristics of the tissue structure. Thanks to this, the method can be applied in various medical areas, like: aesthetic medicine, stomatology, trichology, orthopedics and traumatology, sports medicine, urology and gynecology. In each of the listed indications, the Plasmabiotech method allowed patients to feel young and healthy again, due to the triggering of the human body’s own reserves, which were given us by nature and which are accessible to each of us.

The Stages Of The Plasmabiotech Procedure

The essence of the Plasmabiotech method is injecting the plasma with high levels of platelets into the human body, and this allows the cellular regeneration process to be triggered. The Plasmabiotechprocedure should not last longer than 30 minutes . And the procedure consists of the following steps:

PHASE 1 (5 minutes)

Blood is collected from the vein, in a special vacuum tube. The patient is prepped, then he is punctured with a flexible needle and between 10 and 60 ml of blood (depending on the protocol) are collected. The loss of such a small amount of blood does not have a negative influence on the patient’s health and does not stop the proper functioning of the body.

PHASE 2 (5 minutes)

Autologous platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood by centrifugation. To obtain this plasma with high therapeutic properties, one must process it. Normally, the amount of platelets in the human blood varies between 150,000/microliter and 350,000/microliter, but for the stimulating regeneration effect, their number must be increased to 1,000,000/microliter. Plasma with such a high platelet concentration can be obtained by centrifuging the blood in special biotechnological Plasmabiotechtubes. The increased efficiency and safety of the procedure can only be achieved by using Plasmabiotechcertified equipment. The tubes are placed at an equal distance (on opposite positions) in the centrifuge.


Plasma is injected into the treatment area. The Plasmabiotechcertified tubes allow the qualitative separation of blood in 3 fractions: red blood cells, the plasma suspension and the platelet-rich fraction (autologous plasma, full of growth factors). During this processing, the separated autologous plasma is then injected into the treatment areas. Autologous plasma is a highly effective biological regeneration stimulant that contains a high concentration of growth factors (hormones, proteins, and vitamins) in their natural proportion. Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood, thus it ensures the complete biocompatibility between the injected substance and the body, excludes immunological and allergic reactions as well as the possibility of rejection.

Process Of PRP Treaphy

Collect Blood

9 ml of blood is drawn from the patient's vein.

Collect Blood

Separate the Platelets

The blood is then placed in a centriguge spins and separetes the platelets from the rest of the blood components.


Extract Platelet-Rich Plasma

Extract 4,5-5,6 ml of platelet-rich plasma


ınject Injured Area with PRP

Using the concentrated platelets, ve increase the tissue growth factors up to eight times, which promotes temporary relief and stops inflammation.



  • Drunkenness
  • Allergic reactions to anticoagulants (heparin)
  • Malignant neoformations
  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Mental illness
Aesthetic Medicine

Plasmabiotech method is such a non-invasive technology, used in aesthetic dermatology as an extremely effective anti-aging method, that makes the body work ..

Plasmabiotech Gel

Aesthetic treatments can also be performed by using the Plasmabiotechgel therapy (Plasmogel, autologous gel), which is obtained by heating autologous plasma.


In orthopedics and traumatology, the Plasmabiotech method triggers the regenerative processes in all joint tissues at the same time (joint ...

Sports Medicine

The Plasmabiotech method is used successfully in sports medicine as a method of rehabilitation for a variety of professional traumas or operations.


In trichology, the Plasmabiotech method can be used to locally stimulate hair growth, to prevent hair thinning, loss and rupture. Autologous plasma injections...


In stomatology, the Plasmabiotech method allows the local stimulation of regenerative processes in the tissues, eliminating the inflammation of the periodontium...


In gynecology, the Plasmabiotech method is a very effective biological stimulus for the regeneration processes. Autologous plasma, administered in the mucous membranes ...


In urology, thePlasmabiotech method is used to treat chronic cystitis, urethritis, ulcers, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) and chronic inflammatory ...